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Followers – A mobile app for social media analytics

If you are a social media community manager like myself, you probably need to keep track of all the key metrics to measure the performance of your campaigns. Most of the time this task needs to be done on the go or at od hours, that is why having an app on your mobile phone that allows you to do just this is necessary.

The “Followers” free app for iPhone, created by NoApostroph3s, allows you to do both things. It’s a social media analytics  and follower tracking tool that allows you to count the number of followers you have on the most popular networks such as Instagram, Facebook Twitter, Google+, Tumbler and Foursquare. Once you set up each account and you go to the details you can see the total number of followers, the number of new followers after a specified date, the number of people who have unfollowed you along with a list of user names and profiles.


Here is how I use it: right before I post an important update or launch a campaign I reset all the indicators to zero and then track how many new followers come in or are lost as a result. This can help you to refine or optimize the type of posts or updates you make or the best day of the week and time to do them.

Download it and give it a try.  What other apps do you use for social monitoring or social analytics?

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